Jordan Kenway(ヨルダンケン方法, "Jouruudan Kenuei") is the secret identity of the hit sensation Super/Anti Hero known as Savage Man. 

Character OverviewEdit








The Lightbreaker

The Lightbreaker
(ライトブレーカー, Raitobureika) is Jordans trusty intergalactic time traveling specialized mobile space ship, a staple of his character and a signature sign of his status as Savage Man. An extremely reliable, higly personalized vehicle created by the armed vehicle department of the National Hero Association, it is capable of being summoned to Jordans side without so much as simply calling out to it like a dog. The maximum passenger capacity is 2 with a spacious cockpit, equipped with numerous weapons and gadgets as well as special fuctions which make it a shining beacom among mobile armors. The lightbreaker can also be easily remote controlled by Jordan via a hyper intelligent on board computer, and is also equipped with a self destruct mechanism in emergency or extremely strenuous situations which should call for its destruction.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit


Mobile ArmourEdit


Behind The ScenesEdit

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